Here are some photos of Kate Mara from the May issue of Playboy. In an interview with the magazine, all of which you can read here, Kate talked about her acting roles, her famous family, singing at New York Giants games, her TV series House of Cards, working out because it makes her more confident, and being thankful that she doesn’t get recognized all the time when she’s in public. Kate’s just wonderful. I’ve always thought she’s got that special something!


sometimes im leslie sometimes im april

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[Haitus ended -sorry for the lull]. An interesting use of an Oculus Rift to control a drone.



Hacking experiment from Diego Araos in controlling a camera-mounted ParrotAR drone with an Oculus Rift and head tracking - video embedded below:

Integrated Oculus Rift head tracking and video feed with the AR Drone to make a head motion controller. It’s really fun and latency very low.

This project is open source and a fork of another of my projects drone-swarm (to control several AR Drones within one network)

Source code can be found at GitHub here



Revised Tube etiquette posters.

Yesssss, more of these excellent things.


"do not pity the dead, harry. pity the living. and above all, pity those who have been watching How I Met Your Mother for nearly a decade and got a really really shitty excuse of a final episode"

Straight White Boy Problem #92


i asked my gf to get me a hot chocolate a couple weeks ago and instead she got me an ICED hot chocolate from starbucks AND she also got herself a caramel ICED coffee. i wasnt mad but when i asked her ‘why’ she said she cant post hot drinks on instagram because the cups arent clear and it wont get any likes wtf